Methods of dispatch, costs and delivery deadlines

We make largely our national deliveries via our own distribution network.

On request and for an increase, it is also possible to us to proceed to the delivery of your parcel via DHL or UPS. Please get in touch with our commercial department for any information on this subject.

Costs of transport

National and international price list(rate)

Preferential rate: 8,00 EUR except VAT

Free from an amount of purchase upper or equal to 500 euro except VAT

Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany and Netherlands

International price list(rate): 12,00 EUR except VAT

Spain and Italia

Rule and exception

Usually the current price list(rate) is the one indicated above. Nevertheless, in case of one send of the exceptional goods, with an excessive or very fragile weight (for example: televisions) reserves the right to adapt the price lists(rates) of delivery. In that case you will be beforehand informed.

Delivery deadline

- Usually you are delivered under 2 in 6 working days: for Belgium

- Usually you are delivered under 3 in 8 working days: for Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands

- Usually you are delivered under 5 in 12 working days: for all other European countries resumed(taken back) on our site

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