Return an article

We do everything we can to supply you with articles:

Corresponding perfectly with order made on our retail website in perfect working order

If nevertheless you decide to send back to us of the goods, because:

You wish to have the right(law) to give up your purchase (within a deadline(extension) of 7 days) you meet a damage due to a defect of the product during the warranty period

You can return us the goods for refund(repayment), exchange or repair. will be happy to help you in your approach.

How to return an article?

The returned products must be necessarily packaged in original packings.

To assure(insure) you a fast progress of the process of distribution, refund(repayment) or exchange, we kindly request you to take note(mark) of the following points:

RMA (Return Material Authorization)

For any return of the goods, we ask you to proceed to a demand(request) of RMA by fax or e-mail:

Fax: 063 730 280 e-mail:

Watch to note the number of RMA received on the request form of RMA and on your parcel.

The acceptance of the material(equipment) is put subject to check of the packaging and the contents by our services(departments). The allocation(attribution) of a number of RMA does not give the right automatically to credit note. The goods which is sent to us without number of RMA will be sent back(dismissed) to you at your expenses.

This number of RMA remains valid for a period of 10 days as from the day of notification.

Products returned

Please make us a demand(request) of RMA by e-mail or by fax. We shall communicate with you a number of RMA or a possible refusal.

We draw your attention on the fact that we grant(tune) credit note only on the material(equipment) not used, turned(returned) to its original packing and having an appearance of " as nine ". As nine mean: the whole product, in its original packing not - endomagé and containing all the equipment supplies initially: packaging, guarantees, textbooks(manual workers) and accessories.

Note that the number of RMA must be asked at the latest 7 days according to the date of invoicing.

List of the articles which are never paid off:

Cartridges, software, DVD, CD, diverse consumables and other saddled articles, when these were unpacked(displayed).

Settled, model products of exhibition(exposure), articles commanded(ordered) very specially for a customer or still articles conceived(designed) specifically for the use(custom) of a precise customer.

The workforce, the expenses of installation and delivery are never paid off.

Some fees of compensation for a minimum 15 % will be deducted from the refund(repayment) on all the returns which are not considered as nine.

The refunds(repayments) are made under 15 days from the date of reception of the goods. They will be credited on the banking account number of the charged customer.

Products returned for reason of guarantee assures(insures) you the legal guarantee builder(manufacturer) on all its sold products.

Most of the big marks(brands) offer aujourdhui a direct, synonymic after-sales service for the customer of a faster repair and a cost of less high transport. You can consult on most of the sites builders(manufacturers) the instructions(deposits) on returning to the column(section) assistance(audience) or support(medium).

If you meet a concern(marigold) to find address and phone number(coordinates), please announce us it. We shall help you in the various steps(initiatives) and it as far as our possible.

Guarantees are bound(connected) to our general terms of sale and governed by the current laws in Belgium.

Please note

We can be kept on no account as persons in charge by our customers for spending(expenses), cool(expenses) or other resultant costs of defective or incompatible products.

Disputes due to the transport

When in the receipt of a parcel you notice that a package is damaged or missing, you are kept of will declare it immediately to the carrier. Any later complaint cannot be accepted.

All the complaints put down(deposited) against the carrier will also have to be meant in writing to within 3 days.

Sending conditions.

The goods must be necessarily dismissed in his(her,its) packaging dorigine

You have to protect the original packing to avoid any deterioration of this one (pack the whole in a neutral cardboard(box), dress in Cellophane, dress dun protective film,)

The small objects (memory cards, cartridges,) must not have returned to simple envelopes.

All the accessories must be supplied in case of guarantee

The number of RMA must be indicated on the packaging in a readable and good way in obvious fact

You will have to add in parcel of transport a copy of the form RMA duly filled(performed)

The number of RMA is valid for a period of 10 days. This exceeded(overtaken) deadline(extension), will not accept us any more your demand(request) of RMA

Sends him(it) of the goods must be made at the expense of the sender (customer)

The parcel must be sent in: | 5b, rue du Pouru | 6767 Dampicourt | Belgique