Do you have a question on the on-line purchases on

Here is a good place to find the answer. If your question is not here or if you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service:

How may I change my email address or other data of my account?

Every time you command(order) at, you have to become identified. For information: we store only your data "account" necessary for the smooth running of the procedures of command(order).

You need to modify any of these data? It is enough to update the information on your profile. If you move or change your e-mail address, it is enough to enter the new information. The next time when you place an order, all the information around this command(order) will be correctly sent to us.

Are my payments secured?

Yes, because does not store your information of payment. Every time you pay on-line, you are redirected towards PayPal. The security of information and the process of transaction(deal) is the heart of the activities of PayPal and thus their main priority. PayPal codes automatically your confidential information which pass in transit between your computer and ours by using the protocol Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL) with a key of encoding of 128 bits (the highest available level in the on-line world of commerce). Even before registering you or connecting you to their site, there are controls, as for example the check of the waiter(server) or the sailor(browser) whom you use.

When your information reaches them, they are stored in a waiter(server) who is strongly watched: physically and electrically. Their waiters(servers) are installed(settled) behind an electronic firewall and are connected never directly to internet, it so that your personal information remains confidential. If you want to know more about it on PayPal, please go(surrender) on their web site.

Can my delivery address be different from my billing address?

As a rule(In principle) yes. Note, that in case of on-line payment, the billing address always has to correspond to the address of the holder of the credit card. Also know that for safety reasons, we reserve the right not to deliver all the requested addresses. For information additional in this respect, please contact us.

May I get back my purchases at to Virton?

Yes. If you prefer to come to look for your purchases, select the option " removal(kidnapping) in store " from the drop-down menu on the page of command(order). It will be advisable to arrange an appointment for the removal(kidnapping) of the goods. Should you require further information, contact us.

My company is not indebted of the VAT in Belgium, can we buy on the site

Yes. If the company, the company(society) or the organization which you represent is not indebted of the VAT in Belgium, it is possible to buy on our site. You have to make a written request to us understanding(including) all the official documents allowing us to proceed to the check of the identity of your company(society). Having settled(adjusted) your command(order) inclusive of all taxes, you will be paid off the amount of the VAT on your bank account company(society). For more information contact:

We advise(recommend) you to get in touch with us before placing your order; in this way, we can issue directly an intracommunity invoice.

How may I verify the availability of products?

The availability of a product maybe verified by selecting the option of " Check of the real time stock " or by selecting the icon stock.

What are the options of expedition(shipping)?

For more information over the delivery deadlines and others, consult our page " Buy at ".

Is it possible to buy wholesale?

Yes. Do not hesitate to ask us for a price offer for any consequent quantities in

What are my options of payment?

On the retail website of, you can make your purchases by choosing the options of payment: bank transfer or the PayPal service.

What is our politics(policy) of return?

All the returns / exchanges need a number of RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). The number RMA which is attributed(awarded) to you valid rest for a period of 10 days. To obtain a number RMA, please go(surrender) to the page " Returns and guarantees ".

May I order products by telephone?

Yes. Even if to buy on is easy and reassured(secured), certain customers prefer to order by phone. Please choose your product on our site, arm yourself with the reference of product to be commanded(ordered) and to contact us to 32 ( 0 ) 472 867 864.

I have a technical problem with the site. What do I have to make?

If you have questions concerning the site, contact the customer service by email:

What Web browsers are recommended for the display(visualization) of

Our site accepts most of the sailors(browsers) PC and Mac, including Firefox 2 or superior(higher education), Internet Explorer 6 or superior(higher education), Safari or other compatible sailors(browsers) taking care of Javascript, of cookies and of protocol Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL). With sailors(browsers) older or if the Javascript functions(offices), the cookies and SSL, are deactivated, your sailor(browser) will not work correctly.