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Bonds of the user

Access to this site is through the internet. The user declares to know the risks and accept them. He has to guard against the effects of software piracy by adopting a suitable computer configuration and secure.

Achatpc can not be held responsible for any damage that the user would suffer directly or indirectly related to its navigation on this site and use of its services and websites to which it refers.

Managing cookies

This site may use client cookies, small text files to analyze information about the navigation of the user (frequency of visits, length of visits, pages visited, language preferences, etc ...). They are deposited by this website in a directory for this purpose on the computer of the user. They contain particular server name who wrote an identifier as a single number and an expiration date. The unique identifier allows the site to recognize the user's computer with each visit ..

The user himself can decide if the webserver of this site is permitted or not to store cookies on their computer. It has at any time the choice of paying the options of its browser so that cookies are accepted and stored. Moreover, it may at any time delete, via the browser, the cookies already stored.

The use of certain features of this website may be restricted or disabled if the user refuses cookies from the site. It is therefore recommended to the user to set the browser so that cookies are accepted on the site.

Treatments related to the newsletter management

The email address entered when the subscription to the newsletter of the site will be communicated solely for the newsletter distribution to a subcontractor, including the company "Mailjet" established in Paris, France, which is subject to same legal obligations concerning the protection of personal data. To limit abuses, the user must validate their registration by clicking a link sent to the given email address.

The user can, at any time, unsubscribe via a link provided in each email. The shelf life of the user data does not exceed that of registration.

The head of these treatments is the National Commission for Data Protection.

Treatments related to audience measurement

Some data on hardware and user software that are not likely to identify is collected during his visit on the public site. This collection is intended solely to have traffic statistics (type of browser, resolution, approximate location, etc.) in order to better serve users.

The full IP address of the user is not in any case maintained. One part of the IP address being retained to obtain overall statistics and in any case it is possible to identify a user.

This data is stored and hosted in Europe in a solution provided by a subcontractor, including the company GOOGLE., Submitted, as a subcontractor to the same legal obligations concerning the protection of personal data and, in case such data were to be collected in the future.

The data retention period does not exceed that required to observe the evolution of audiences based on the evolution of browsers, resolutions used, or other statistical data.

The head of these treatments is the National Commission for Data Protection.

Modification of Site

Achatpc reserves the freedom to change, modify or suspend, without notice, the site for maintenance reasons, update, or for any other reason deemed necessary. Achatpc may in particular withdraw at any time, add, amend or clarify or all of the information and services contained or offered on the site. No liability for any direct or indirect damage in connection with such changes will be retained against Achatpc.

Limitations of Liability

Achatpc ensure the best high availability of this website.

Achatpc will ensure the best safety of the computer system. However, liability can not be accepted in case of attack the computer system or momentary or total unavailability of the site.

Achatpc ensure the best accuracy of the information or services contained within this website. However, liability can not be accepted in particular when updating omission of information or a form, in case of mishandling of the system or encoding, inaccuracies, gaps in information or for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Indeed, the goal is to provide accurate and timely information from various sources, but Achatpc can not however reduce the risk of clerical error. None of the information published on this site have a vocation completeness or constitute a commitment on the part of the Luxembourg State.

Hypertext links and related sites

For the convenience of users, this site may contain links to other sites that may be useful to them or that may interest them. Achatpc and particularly Ministries responsible for this site does not systematically control the content of these sites. They can not therefore be liable for any content presented on these websites, whether in terms of their legality or correctness of the information contained therein.

Intellectual Property (Copyright)

This site, all its elements (including the layout) and the information and services are protected by laws on intellectual property and copyright.

Unless otherwise indicated, Achatpc does not grant any license or authorization for intellectual property rights it has on this website, elements or services. Furthermore, no reproduction of the information or services, total or partial, in any form or by any means whatsoever is permitted without the prior written permission of the Ministries responsible for this site.

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The rights you are implicitly or explicitly granted above constitute an authorization of use and by no means a transfer of rights, property or otherwise related to this site.

Modification of Terms of Use

These terms of use may be modified at any time without notice, based on changes to the site, changes in the law or for any other reason deemed necessary. It is up to the user to be informed of the terms and conditions of this site, including only the updated version is available online deemed effective.

Applicable law

Any dispute concerning the use of this site and its services will be subject to Belgium law and will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Belgium.

Data protection

The data collected on our site can not reach that of the voluntary registration of your personal data, eg by subscribing to our newsletter, using the contact form, by ordering publications or by using the form "Your reactions. " They are not transferred to any commercial company or other organization.

Article 26 of the Law of 2 August 2002 provides that the person concerned by data processing has the right to receive the following information about the processing of his personal data:

  • Data controller Achatpc.
  • Treatments <LIST>
  • Recipients to whom the data might be disclosed:
  • Optional character of the communication of information via this site: Any personal data is provided as optional by the person concerned.
  • data access right for the userThe person concerned has the right to access data concerning and has communicated via this website.
  • Right to rectify the data concerning the userThe person concerned has the right to request correction of data concerning him and has communicated via this website.

Presence on social networks

Any user who joined the community portal on social networks is committed to disregard any form of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin , disability, marital status or employment status.

Insults, racist, sexist or offensive does not belong on the social networks. They will be removed and reported.

From Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 18.00 hours, it will be responded to comments on social media Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Portal. Outside these hours and during weekends and holidays, the administration pages is not assured continuously.

On social networks, the Gateway communicates in French and English. Depending on the situation and the target information may be disseminated in the other two national languages ​​and in English.

Wherever possible, it will answer any question / comment in the language of the user.