General conditions of sale and warranty for online sales

Article 1 General

The present general sales conditions are applicable to all contracts concluded between and the third in the framework of internet sales in Belgium and is therefore not applicable to other sales by with the third through the all of its stores in Belgium.

Article 2 Definition

a) The seller is registered in Belgium with the name Computech which the headquarters is located on Mathon street 28b/14 in 6767 Dampicourt.
b) A professional buyer is any natural or legal person who acquires or uses for business purposes the goods sold by
c) The particular buyer is a natural or legal person who acquires and uses for private purposes the goods sold by

Article 3 Conclusion of the contract

The contract is supposed to form from the time where the buyer has confirmed its command and validates the electronic payment by internet from the web site of the seller. In the case of out of stock after procurement and payment of a command by the client, the seller undertakes to inform the customer by e-mail to the address provided by the customer; the seller is not liable for an invalid e-mail address of the client.

Article 4 Delivery

The buyer shall specify in its order the delivery address. In case of absence at the time of delivery, the buyer is obliged to take contact with the carrier in order to set another date of delivery. The carrier reserves the right to increase the cost of shipping, exceptionally and after consultation with the client, for very bulky and/or very cumbersome articles

Article 5 Deadline for delivery and cancellation of the order

The seller ensures that the goods sold will be delivered in the time period specified in the notification message to the buyer (by mail) at the time of confirmation and payment of the command (ATTENTION WITHIN A TITLE INDICATIVE). A delay in the delivery can in no case give right to the cancellation of the order. The seller undertakes to notify the buyer of any delay in delivery independent of his will.
If the delay exceeds fifteen working days than initially specified , the buyer may waive the purchase without compensation for any of the two parties to the extent to which the latter notify the seller by e-mail within 3 days of notification of the delay provided by the seller. The buyer will then be refunded by bank transfer to the account of the buyer of the total amount of its command including the cost of transportation within 14 working days.
In the event of a cancellation for error of command by the buyer,and after acceptance of the dossier by the seller, the restocking fee equivalent to 20% of the value of the product ordered (with a minimum of €15 ) will be deducted when the refund to the buyer.

Article 6 Risks and claim

The goods is transported up to the address of delivery of the goods specified by the purchaser. In the case or the merchandise delivered would be damaged, the buyer is obliged to refuse the goods or of the accept that subject to a reservation written on the delivery slip of the carrier, to supplement set by the customer and the carrier.Any claim relating to the goods delivered must be received by the seller within 5 days of the date of its receipt. The claim must be exclusively addressed by registered letter to the headquarters of, Mathon street 28b/14 to 6767 Dampicourt and be accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice and the packing slip to complete delivery of the reserve above-mentioned written. After this time, the goods shall be considered definitively as correct by the buyer and no claim will be more taken into consideration.

Article 7 Garantía

For any application of the commercial warranty, the customer must produce the original invoice of purchase to the exclusion of any other document. Unless otherwise noted on the invoice, our goods are covered by a warranty for a duration of 24 months for the components and complete computers, assembled and configured by our technical service.
Due to the quality of dealer and through, the commercial warranty relating to the goods delivered by is limited, in all cases and without any exception, to that given by the manufacturer and is personal to the client.
Once our warranty exceeded, the customer is obliged to contact the manufacturer. Achatpc returns the client to the manufacturer's website and the information contained on the warranty "paper", among other for its contents, as well as to the essential elements in its implementation. The receipt of the delivery by the customer deemed to be acceptance of the conditions and safeguards of the manufacturer.
Are excluded from the warranty the supplies, software, keyboards, mice, the carpet, the cables, the fans, the adaptors for processors and power boxes.
The guarantee, which short from the date of purchase, will be neither suspended nor interrupted by the time spent by our technical service to the repair and/or the replacement of the affected component to a manufacturing defect.
By virtue of this guarantee, we repair or if need be, replace free in our workshops any affected component of a defect of in any case. We assume extensiver obligations in goes out only will never be able to be covered by our cares: the transportations of the unemployment of equipment, the data losses etc.
We assume other obligation only to furnish materials in accordance with which was suited with the buyer. The buyer is in addition fallen of any guarantee if it transformed the merchandise or used it without respecting the directives of the manufacturer, or again if imperfection finds his origin in the inappropriate or inadequate usage did the buyer of the merchandise.

Article 8 Validation of the guarantee

To emphasize the guarantee, it is imperative that the buyer sends the defective component, accompanied of his packing of origin and complete incidental as well as a copy of the bill of purchase and form of delivery to, street Mathon 28b/14 to 6767 Dampicourt.

Article 9 Rights of renunciation and conditions of return of the merchandise

a) The present article applies only to the special buyer that has the right to notify to the salesman that it renounces the purchase by recommended letter in the 14 working days to date back to the day following the day of the delivery.
b) The special buyer must return to its clean risks and perils and to its expenses (fees of transportation + assurance) the merchandise to the social seat of, street Mathon 28b/14 to 6767 Dampicourt by postal way or corporation of transportation of his choice.
c)The returned merchandise cannot be deposited in anything of our sale points.
d) The returned merchandise must be in accordance with the state of initial sending, not displayed and sealed of origin with the self-adhesive ribbon intact and not broken. Any bris of the done self-adhesive ribbon to presume that the merchandise was used and cannot be anymore sent back.
e) The merchandise must be accompanied bill of original purchase and form of delivery of original transportation.
f) The salesman reserves himself the right to verify the state of return of the merchandise within the 2 weeks following his reception. If the merchandise was not displayed, sealed or damaged, the salesman has access to 30 days to pay back the paid sum with the exception of the transportation expenses. In the opposite case, if the merchandise was displayed, sealed or damaged, the special buyer is fallen of his right of renunciation and takes charge of all the expenses of ré-emballage and of dismissal of merchandise to the address specified by the latter at the time of the order passation.

Article 10 Cases and right of renunciation is excluded

The buyer cannot exercise the right of aimed renunciation to the article 9 for the following contracts: Supplies of the computers that were assembled to the request expresse of the buyer supplies of audio or video recording as well as computer software opened by the buyer.

Article 11 Returns under guarantee of the merchandise defect use

For the application of the guarantee required by the customer, this one takes to his load the expenses of transportation and assurance for the sending of the defective component bound for, street Mathon 28b/14 6767 Dampicourt. The customer will have therefore to watch to pack the component so that it is not damaged, while using only his packing of origin or fitting. The merchandise must be accompanied of a copy of the bill of original purchase.

Article 12 Period of repair

If the merchandise is sent to the salesman by the customer to be repaired under guarantee, the salesman is held to respect a delay while implementing all the means for that this repair can carry out itself in a reasonable delay. No compensation for a too important delay will be able to be claimed to the safe salesman if the repair exceeds 60 days calendar.

Article 13 Exclusions

The customer loses any guarantee right from the moment where it entrusts the repair of a component sold by the salesman to a third or if the component was dismantled or transformed. No guarantee will be more able to be granted if imperfection presented by a sold component results from a usage, of a transportation or of an inadequate place of the component or of any other case of major force. The customer will be notified as soon as possible of this state of thing.

Article 14 Responsibility of the salesman

The responsibility of the salesman in comparison with the imperfection of a component itself is limited to the repair of this one, his exchange or to his replacement by an equivalent component. To defect for the customer to accept within the group of fifteen of the suggestion that is done to him, it will be definitively fallen of any right to any guaranteed.

Article 15 Responsibility of the buyer

The buyer is completely responsible of the choice and usage of the component delivered by the salesman as well as protection of the data that there are archived. Before any intervention of the salesman, the buyer always will have to watch to what all the files are safeguarded.

Article 16 Passation of order

When the customer decides to obtain the merchandise through internet, it is held to unveil his identity, his mail address, his postal address as well as of other eventual necessary information to the accomplishment of the contract. As soon as the news are collected, the salesman uses it to manage the orders and is involved itself to not to furnish the pieces of information of which she disposes to another corporation. The salesman preserves equally the personal data in his archiving file regarding to facilitate the later orders. At any moment the user is thus archive can ask to consult the pieces of information that are stocked to his subject and, if need be, to rectify them or to eliminate them while addressing his request by the intermediary one website e-business of the salesman.

Article 17 Litigtions

Any litigation will be split by the court of Arlon, in this understand the Justice of Peace of Arlon.

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