When will my order arrive?

Availability is the estimated time that elapses between the time you place your order on our site and the preparation of your order for shipment. This includes the time we need to place the order with our supplier, receive the ordered items from the supplier, and perform various checks and other administrative tasks.
This does not include the time it takes for the items to be shipped to you. It is provided as an indication, without any guarantee. The non-respect of this deadline can in no case engage the responsibility of Achatpc.com and does not give right to any indemnity.

Delivery time

The delivery time is determined by the destination country and the delivery method you selected when you submitted your order. Currently, the site only offers a standard delivery system. On request and for an extra charge we can deliver via UPS or DHL. If you are interested, please contact our sales team by email: info@achatpc.com

- Usually you are delivered within 2 to 6 working days: for Belgium

- Usually you are delivered within 3 to 8 working days: for Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands.

- Usually you are delivered within 5 to 12 working days: for all other European countries listed on our site

Items not available from stock

Some items are taken back as "No stock available" from our suppliers for various reasons:

- item temporarily unavailable, in stock

- article at the end of its life, still listed, but no longer available

- article which will soon enter the range, already included in the listings, but not yet available for purchase (you can already make a pre-order)

- item available but not in stock, this item will be ordered especially for you, delivery time a little longer

You wish to know a delivery time for an item that is not in stock? Please send us an email at info@achatpc.com, we will forward your request to our supplier and get back to you with the information within hours or days.

The little unexpected

I ordered an item that was in stock, but I've been waiting 10 days for it and I still haven't received anything.

We strive to provide you with a tool that is as accurate as possible in indicating stock and availability. Unfortunately, sometimes, for one reason or another, things don't go as planned.

The most common reason for late delivery:

Some items may be available in small quantities at the time you place your order on our web store. Unfortunately, it is possible that between the time you place your order and the time we transmit this order to our supplier, the reserved item is no longer available because, for example, one of our colleagues ordered it a few minutes before us.

For most of the available products, we offer you a quasi real-time control of stocks: by clicking on the stock icon, the quantity of available articles is taken up in an information window. Remember to carry out this check operation for materials with a limited stock. Do not hesitate to inform us by email of this state: info@achatpc.com. We will do our best to order as quickly as possible and thus increase our chances of receiving the item ordered within the time limits.

Please note that we forward all orders to our suppliers. In case of temporary stock shortage, we will try to notify you by email of the situation we encounter. You then have the choice of waiting for your product to be delivered again or simply cancelling your order.

At any time our sales team is at your disposal to help you find a substitute product.

Special situation

When you have placed an order that contains some stock items and others not, it is our policy to wait until the order is complete before shipping. You are of course entitled to request partial delivery. In this case, we will charge the shipping costs for each shipment separately.